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Cryptocurrency trading bots is a set of strategies for automated trading. Bots interact with crypto exchanges using an application programming interface (API). Bots work according to the algorithms previously set by the developers in order to automatically open or close positions in a second, 24/7. cryptocurrency trading bots are ideally suited for high-frequency trading, arbitrage operations, market-making and other strategies that require high speed of operations and generation of profit.

One of the main advantages of trading bots is the possibility of continuous trading. The cryptocurrency market is open 24/7 and requires constant attention from the trader. The bot works around the clock and allows you to instantly respond to the news and market movements, based on embedded algorithms.

The use of trading bots eliminates the human factor, which is also an important indicator. Most trading mistakes on exchanges are made under conditions of emotional stress. The bot excludes this factor, since it is software that makes decisions only in accordance with the given parameters.

Trading bots have a high decision-making speed. Even an experienced trader needs a lot of time to analyze the situation on the market and make the right decision. The bot is able to instantly analyze and complete operations in a second. As a result, the trading opportunity will not be missed.

Investy Trading Bots Advantages

  • Trading bot is offered free of charge or with a monthly subscription
  • Basic ready-made version of each bot is available on Investy marketplace
  • Investy trading bots can be easily adjusted without programming skills
  • Bots variety
  • Bots adjustment with the selection of more than 130 indicators
  • Free tests on historical market data that allows you to evaluate the strategy in a specified trading period
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Monitor the results of trading on your accounts together or separately. Evaluate the effectiveness of each position and improve your results.

Trading tools

Set "Limit order" on purchase, "Stop loss" and "Take profit" at the same time!

Automate the

Such tool as “Trailing” allow you to get extra income without wasting of time

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