Trading  is like playing a game. Take part in the unique cryptocurrency trading competition - "TradeBattle". Are you the author of cryptocurrency forecasts? Investy will let you bring your trading ideas to life and earn cryptocurrency using your previous experience.
TradeBattle is a contest for traders with an unlimited number of participants.During the battle, traders should manage their portfolio as efficiently as possible to show the best rate of return. Traders create their own demo portfolios and rebalance them during the contest.The profit and composition of all your portfolios are displayed publicly.  At the end of the competitive period portfolios that showed the best profit receive prizes in accordance with the distribution of prize places. During the TradeBattle competition, 560 traders took part in battles and won a total of more than 144.5 ETH.
Users have to proceed through the following process, which will allow them to be eligible to participate in the upcoming trading competition:
  1. Choose the exchange and the main currency of the portfolio;
  2. Select the currencies that will be included in the portfolio;
  3. Add or remove cryptocurrencies in the portfolio by selecting them from the given list;
You are able to continue rebalancing your portfolio as many times as you want.
Start to win prizes.
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