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Track your cryptocurrency portfolio. This tool allows you to keep track of your funds and monitor created portfolios which will be displayed in one window. You can use the search function to copy portfolios. In addition, you can make your portfolio public and participate in the TradeBattle, trading bitcoin and ethereum and all the altcoins of the market.
MyPortfolio instrument lets you manage multiple crypto portfolios via one dashboard. One portfolio is for one stock exchange. Colourful charts, graphs and detailed analytics show real-time account values, profit/loss and daily profit/loss. Manually enter trade information for stocks, currency pairs like BTC/ETH including dividends, splits, buy/sell orders, ticker symbol, trade size, price, date and fees. The use of MyPortfolio gives you the list of the following advantages:
  • Opportunity to track the chart, reflecting the account balance change over time
  • The ability to view the percentage change in the balance for a day, week, month and whole time
  • The ability to make a portfolio public
  • The ability to create a demo portfolio without the risk of losing real money
  • The ability to share the technical analysis
  • The ability to rebalance the portfolio
Investy benefits
0% fee
on trades

There’s no extra commission fee for trade operations. Trade without limits

Without difficulties and KYC

There’s no verification procedure. Put your exchange account and start using

Copying successful

Follow professional traders and copy their deals without the transfer of funds. Payment is charged only after successful deal and profit

All the statistic
in front of you

Monitor the results of trading on your accounts together or separately. Evaluate the effectiveness of each position and improve your results.

Trading tools

Set "Limit order" on purchase, "Stop loss" and "Take profit" at the same time!

Automate the

Such tool as “Trailing” allow you to get extra income without wasting of time

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