Where can I find information about Investy?

You can find information about Investy at our official website: https://investy.io

To use Investy platform services go to: https://web.investy.io

What are the main functions/services that I can use on Investy platform?

Investy platform is constantly evolving  and improving. Its functionality is currently limited to the following main functions and services:

  1. Exchange connection: Investy platform interface allows you to connect to your crypto exchange account using API. This connection will automatically copy all deals that you process on Investy platform to your real crypto exchange account. You can connect an unlimited number of exchange accounts.
  2. Trade terminal "Easy trade": you may open trade positions on different exchanges (Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex and Exmo for now) with advanced trading tools such as stop loss, take profit and trailing. You can also open positions with Limit order.
  3. Trading Profit Analizer. Trading profit analyzer tool helps to extract trading statistics from your crypto exchange account via API keys. The analyzer groups orders to trade positions and calculate each trade position profit/loss and provides total statistics for all your trade period totally free. The analyzer is available for BitMEX, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex and Exmo.
  4. Trading bots. Automatic trading on the exchange with use of algorithmic trading and advanced trading algorithms. You can connect an unlimited number of trading bots to one exchange account. Bots work with the Binance exchange.

We work day and nigh on extension of Investy platform functionality and number of services. 

Which crypto exchanges is Investy working with?

At the moment Investy platform is integrated with Poloniex, BinanceBittrex and Exmo.

In the near future the list of crypto exchanges we are working with will be significantly extended.

What is the price for services on Investy platform?

  1. Exchange connection: Exchange connection service is priced based on the amount of crypto funds that you are going to manage through Investy. Currently the monthly subscription fee for this service is set as followed:

    FREE (Max funds in deals: 0.03 BTC): 0 USD
    STARTER (Max funds in deals: 0.15 BTC): 29 USD
    PRO (Max funds in deals: 0.65 BTC): 49 USD
    ULTIMATE (Max funds in deals:unlimited): 99 USD
    TRIAL ULTIMATE (Max funds in deals:unlimited): 0 USD / 7 days (rate available for newly registered users and is valid for 7 days, then automatically transition to the tariff FREE).

    For example, if you are going to trade on Investy with a maximum limit of 0.65 BTC per transaction, then your monthly subscription fee will be set at 49 USD. The total trading volume remains unlimited.

Do I need to deposit funds on Investy platform to trade?

You do not need to deposit funds on our platform to perform any trading activities. All your funds will continue to be stored in the wallet of a crypto exchange that you use. Investy secures synchronization with your crypto exchange account via API keys and has no direct access to your funds. Investy receives only commission for its services.

How blockchain technology is being used on Investy platform? 

Investy platform uses blockchain technology to prove the traders’ results and portfolio performance. Information about all trades is recorded in a blockchain, which means that nobody, not even the Investy staff, can change the results of those trades at some point of time later. This approach gives the users confidence in the track record of traders and their success. It also reduces the chances of unsuccessful copy trading.

How can I pay for Investy service subscription? Which currencies do you accept? How can I withdraw funds from my Investy account? 

Currently you can pay for Investy subscription services in crypto currencies (BTC or ETH), while the service price is indicated in USD. All payments are processed via coinpayments.net payment system. The exchange rate is set by Coinpayment and is not influenced by Investy. The payment transaction speed depends on the network that you use for crypto payments.

If as an expert trader you would like to withdraw the subscription commissions from your Investy account or if you would like to withdraw your funds as a TradeBattle winner/participant, please email to support@investy.io from the email address that you indicated during your registration process on Investy platform.

In the upcoming updates of Investy platform we will add the function of automatic fund withdrawal as well as the information on user balances in their personal accounts on Investy.

How to communicate with Investy on social channels?

We are happy to see you among our subscribers on Telegram:

  • Official channel – here you can find  news updates and official announcements about Investy.
  • Official chat room – you can use it for for discussion of everything that is related to the platform and issues around it.

You can also find information about Investy at:









How to contact Investy team?

If you have a question the best way to contact us would be via email at:  support@investy.io

You can also send us your question via Investy official chat room at Telegram.


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