Trader’s Journal #6

Trader’s Journal
Trader’s Journal #6
1. Australian residents will be able to buy bitcoins in stores
The Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange has announced the launch of the Binance Lite Australia. It is a platform, through which Australians will be able to purchase Bitcoin at more than 1,300 newsstands across the country.
To buy a cryptocurrency, the user will need to go through the KYC procedure, after which he will be able to place online orders and receive coins to his addresses. Transaction fee is 5%.
2. Bitwise Announced that 95% of Volume on Unregulated Crypto Exchanges Is Fake
Bitwise company has prepared a presentation for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It states that 95% of trading volumes on unregulated exchanges are fake and devoid of any economic sense.
The analytical report begins with the thesis that approximately $ 6 billion of the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies on the market are fake:
“Under the hood the exchanges that report the highest volumes are unrecognizable. The vast majority of this reported volume is fake and/or non-economic wash trading.”
3. Jack Dorsey: Square will pay Bitcoin developers to create an open source ecosystem
Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey revealed a large payment plan for developers to create an Bitcoin ecosystem with open source technology. In a move that underlined the assessment of a technological magnate of both cryptocurrency and freely available innovations, Dorsey said he would hire “3–4 crypto engineers and 1 designer” to contribute to the cryptocurrency.
On Wednesday’s tweet thread, Dorsey added that improving the crypto ecosystem seems to be “the most impactful thing” Square can do for the community, going on to say:
4. BitGo Adds Support for Blockchain Capital’s Security Token
According to press release, Blockchain security firm and BitGo wallet service announced support for ERC-20 token Blockchain Capital.
The BCAP Blockchain Capital token is a security token based on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), which was launched during the initial coin offering (ICO) in April 2017. BCAP is of indirect economic interest for a limited share of participation in an investment fund with tokens. This is the first security token in the world that was sold via ICO.
“We wanted to be sure that the chosen custodial solution was as safe as possible, but at the same time easy to use,” said Brad Stevens, co-founder of Blockchain Capital.
5. OKEx, Huobi and Kucoin Jump Into the IEO Game
OKEx has announced an IEO platform dubbed OK Jumpstart.
Huobi exchange has provided plenty of details about Huobi Prime product. Huobi uses the term “Direct Premium Offering (DPO)”, although the concept is almost identical to the IEO model.
Kucoin’s Spotlight
Kucoin’s IEO platform will be called Spotlight. As it is now almost standard practice for IEOs, participants in the token sales will have to pay with the exchange’s own KuCoin Shares.
Prices for main crypto coins today:
Bitcoin $4 030,77
Ripple $0,308562
Ethereum $137,29
Stellar $0,105239
Bitcoin Cash $166,28
EOS $3,68
Litecoin $60,19
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