Trader’s Journal #21

Trader’s Journal
Trader’s Journal #21

1. “LedgerX” will provide an opportunity to buy Bitcoin for $100 000 in December 2020

Institutional clients of the cryptocurrency exchange with assets from $10 million to $1 billion have already become interested in the new call option.

Cryptocurrency exchange “LedgerX” announced the launch of a new contract to buy Bitcoin for $100 000 in December 2020. According to the representatives of the company, institutional clients with assets from $10 million to $1 billion have already become interested in this derivative, and soon, it will be available to all investors, writes “Bloomberg.”

“Many remember that Bitcoin cost $1, then $ 10, $100 and even $10 000. Therefore, no one was surprised by our contract,” — said the head of “LedgerX” Paul Chow.

The marketplace is licensed by the authorized derivatives market (DCM) from the US futures trading Commission (CFTC). Due to this, the company will be able to launch the country’s first non-deliverable Bitcoin futures.

2. “Polkadot” will launch the Kusama network to experiment with the protocol

An experimental version of the interaction protocol of the “Polkadot” blockchains, which was named Kusama, will be launched this summer.

“Polkadot” development team said that Kusama will be “an early, untested and imperfect version of the Polkadot Protocol.” At the same time, Kusama will not be a test network. However, it will be decentralized and won’t have the possibility of a central shutdown.

It should be noted that last month this project, expected by the crypto-currency community, held a closed sale of DOT tokens and brought its capitalization to $1.2 billion. Kusama network will receive its own KSM token.

Kusama network should allow various projects to start developing products for “Polkadot.” The main network of the protocol should be launched later this year.

3. VanEck: “the launch of ETF bitcoin will give the US economy a boost for the next 10 years”

Gabor Gurbacs believes that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must approve a request to launch ETF bitcoin if it wants to support the American economy.

Gurbacs holds the position of a director of digital asset management in the company “VanEck.”

He believes that America needs to use innovative technologies to improve their own payment systems and infrastructure of the capital markets.

He also commented on the recent negative statements of the US senators, the President and the Minister of Finance regarding cryptocurrency. Gurbacs believes that most likely, these people are not competent enough in this matter.

Manager of “Vaneck” said he understood the reason for the criticism of Libra from the authorities.

“Who needs a currency, the Issuer of which periodically experiences privacy problems, and which has the secrecy of a Swiss Bank? However, it is worth understanding that bitcoin differs significantly from the cryptocurrency initiative of Facebook. Bitcoin or some stablecoin based on it could well help Congress.”


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