Trader’s Journal #18

Trader’s Journal
Trader’s Journal #18

1. The new law on cryptocurrency will be discussed soon in the United Kingdom. The date has already been appointed.

The government of the United Kingdom is going to introduce the new rules as to cryptocurrency trading, circulation of a new type of assets and money laundering.

On the 24th of July, the UK Her Majesty’s Treasury (HTM) and Financial Services Authority(FCA) will discuss the adoption of the 5th Directive of the European Union on the prevention of legalization of illegally obtained income and the financing of terrorism(5AMLD). The government will study the requirements for the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges and the circulation of digital money.

The crypto community will be represented by a responsible officer for the financial monitoring of Bitlish Christine Drabble. The meeting will solve the problem with market regulation based on the identified risks faced by blockchain industry.

2. Decentralized eosfinex cryptocurrency exchange will be launched on the 25th of July.

The testing of eosfinex is completed, and the platform will be officially launched on the 25th of July. It was announced in the eosfinex blog by Kasper Rasmussen, the marketing director at Bitfinex.

Eosfinex is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the EOS blockchain, which is a subsidiary platform of the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange.

Beta mode of eosfinex was presented on the 28th of March as the first fully scalable trading ecosystem integrated with EOS blockchain. According to the developers, the exchange is ready for a full launch after 4 months of intensive testing, and a number of additional updates will be implemented within the next few weeks after the release of the exchange from the beta mode.

Earlier, the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of its Leo token on two blockchains at once — Ethereum and EOS, and the American cryptocurrency company “Coinbase” announced the addition of EOS on and Coinbase app for Android and iOS.

3. Over a million of hotels and flights can now be paid for with Litecoin.

The non-profit Litecoin Foundation organization became the official partner of the TravelbyBit platform.

Litecoin cryptocurrency is now accepted by more than a million hotels and airlines, according to the rating of Weiss Ratings agency. This became possible thanks to the cooperation of the blockchain project with the TravelbyBit platform.

The partnership was commented by the head of the Litecoin Foundation and the Creator of the LTC cryptocurrency Charlie Lee. According to him, this cooperation demonstrates a huge benefit from the widespread of payments using digital money.

TravelbyBit has already used Litecoin in their services. For example, since January 2018, altcoin can be used to pay for purchases at restaurants and cafes of the airport of the Australian city of Brisbane. Initially, they reported only about the addition of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

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