Trader’s Journal #16

Trader’s Journal
Trader’s Journal #16

1. Why does BNB have to fall? Exchange Binance changed the operating rules

The trading platform will limit the accounts of users from the United States. They will get a separate platform called “Binance US.” Analyst Alex Krüger believes that this may lead to a reduction in the cost of altcoins.

The company Binance changed the operating rules of its cryptocurrency exchange. User accounts are being analyzed now. If the clients have violated the website rules, they will no longer be able to trade or make deposits. The main innovation is that US residents won’t be able to work on the leading platform.

Since September 12, 2019, exchange customers who don’t pass the test won’t be able to trade or make deposits. However, they’ll still have access to their wallets and funds. Yesterday, the company announced the opening of the platform in the United States, which will operate according to local legislation.

2. The application Circle Pay was closed. Cryptocurrency should be withdrawn before July 31

The company “Circle” refused to support its payment system. Money transfer via the app will be available until July 8

Payment application Circle Pay, which was launched in 2013, will cease to function in the coming months. Users were asked to start withdrawing their cryptocurrency to third-party services.

Since July 8, customers will no longer be able to deposit funds to their accounts or send them to anyone. You will be able to withdraw money only to the linked bank card or account. From July 31, all remaining funds will be forcibly withdrawn, and the application support will be fully completed on September 30. After that, the company will send money to the users following the legislation of the country where they live.

The workers of Circle emphasized that they would continue to develop their services related to digital money and USDC stablecoin. The company also promised to work on a crowdfunding platform SeedInvest and exchange Poloniex, which it acquired in 2018.

3. Start-up “Ampleforth” raised more than $5 million in two seconds

The first IEO on the platform “Bitfinex” has been successfully completed. In the near future, the company will announce the starting date for the beginning of sales of AMPL tokens.

According to the users, crowdsale of the project “Ampleforth” ended two seconds after the start. The startup attracted 645 BTC ($5.2 million at current rates). IEO was held on the platform “Tokinex” from the company “Bitfinex”.

Representatives of the exchange said that the sale took 11 seconds. Tokens will be sent to investors within a few days. Date of listing of altcoin “Ethfinex” will be set shortly.

Before the start of the crowdsale, the company reported that it had reduced the maximum limit for the purchase of digital money from $10000 to $5000. It was done so that more people could participate in IEO.

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