Trader’s Journal #15

Trader’s Journal
Trader’s Journal #15

A mining center will appear in Australia as a result of a $ 142 million deal

The division of IoT Group (Australia), together with Bitfury mining equipment retailer Royalti Blockchain Group, intends to acquire its cryptocurrency mining center.

Under the construction of the center “Blockchain Application Complex,” an area of ​​2 hectares in the Hunter Valley is allocated. The power supply will be provided by a coal-fired power plant from Redbank, which has not been operating since 2014. In these areas, Royalti will install its equipment.

Although no specific figures were mentioned, it became known that the amount of the transaction between Royalti and IoT Group was about 190 million Australian dollars, which is equivalent to 142 million US dollars. All necessary obligations must be fulfilled before October 1 of the current year.

Microsoft announced the release of Azure Blockchain Workbench

This product is intended for developers using a distributed registry.

Workbench is a full-fledged resource for blockchain applications, it can be configured with a few mouse clicks. With its help, Microsoft plans to optimize the creation of application developers on top of blockchains. Azure Blockchain Workbench will reduce their development time from several months to several days.

This development of Microsoft has already managed to take advantage of several of its partners — among them the largest bank in Israel, Hapoalim, Nestle Corporation and software company Apttus.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance won the trial of the venture company Sequoia

We remind readers that Sequoia sued Zhao, a member of the Binance team, in connection with his failure to comply with the terms of the proposed transaction and parallel negotiations with other companies.

To clarify, last December, Sequoia offered the Binance team to invest $80 million in the exchange, in return, they wanted to get 11% of the company’s shares. At the same time, the Binance team received another offer from a venture company for $ 400 million.

Zhao, in turn, has said that the Binance cryptocurrency exchange does not need additional funding, given its stable position in the market, high margins and the success of the ICO. Therefore, the management of the exchange is interested in cooperation with venture capital companies only to improve interaction with financial regulators.

Last month, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange officially announced that the Hong Kong High Court had finished hearing the case and decided that it was Sequoia that had violated the negotiation process.

The court also ordered the venture company to pay compensation to Zhao and the Binance team.

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