Trader’s Journal #13

Trader’s Journal
Trader’s Journal #13

1. Analysts have calculated the total amount of funds stolen from the crypto exchanges

The volume of funds stolen from large trading platforms for the entire existence of the crypto industry amounted to more than $1.35 billion.

More than half of this amount — 59% — was stolen by the intruders in 2018. During this period, there was also the most massive hacker attack on the crypto exchange “Coincheck,” when the criminals managed to steal more than $530 million in NEM cryptocurrency.

The second largest bankrupt crypto exchange is “Mt.Gox,” which carried out most of the trading operations in 2014. Problems at the company started when the crypto community began to talk about the loss of 800000 bitcoins (which at that time cost $480 million).

According to research, since the beginning of 2019, criminals have robbed four trading platforms for a total amount of $69 million. In particular, the hacker attack on the largest crypto-exchange “Binance” occurred the day before, during which the attackers could steal over 7000 BTC ($40.5 million at current rates).

2. Electroneum tokens can’t be withdrawn from Cryptopia

Hacked crypto exchange “Cryptopia” was criticized by the owner of Electroneum because of its inability to withdraw funds from the platform.

“Cryptopia” was hacked this year, and the platform was stolen coins worth about $ 20 million.

Despite the subsequent resumption of deposits and withdrawal of funds in major cryptocurrencies — bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), transactions in Electroneum and other ERC20 tokens remained blocked.

“Cryptopia” continues to take the position that the suspension of the withdrawal and provision of deposits in some coins is compliance with the security protocol; meanwhile, the team is trying to fix any bugs and vulnerabilities.

However, it would be better if the platform acted more quickly not to lose the trust of crypto traders.

3. Liquid has launched a mobile application for professional traders

O May 7, the Japanese crypto-trading company “Liquid,” announced the launch of a mobile application for professional traders.

At the moment, the application Liquid Pro is available for iOS- and Android-based smartphones. Users are also offered the “light” version — Liquid Lite. However, it has only Japanese localization.

Liquid positions the application as a product for professional traders. Thus, the user will be able to start and close margin transactions with a leverage ratio of 25:1 in several crypto/fiat pairs directly in the smartphone. They also offer a set of tools for technical analysis and charting.

Along with the functionality, the security of the platform has increased. Liquid launched a biometric database. Therefore, you can log into your account using a fingerprint. Besides, the company says that all customer deposits are stored filed in the cold vaults, which eliminates the possibility of hacking.

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