Trader’s Journal #10

Trader’s Journal
Trader’s Journal #10

Venture investors don’t lose interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency

According to the analytical company “PitchBook,” this year venture investments in crypto- and blockchain startups reached $850 million. Most of the sum was formed by 13 large transactions.

The report of “PitchBook” noted that the investment of such companies as “London Stock Exchange Group” and “Microsoft Corp” had grown more than five times compared to the last year’s results and reached the record $2.4 billion. According to analysts, this suggests that the large companies see prospects in the blockchain technology.

Last year, cryptocurrency trading platform “Bakkt,” created by the operator of the New York “Intercontinental Exchange” (ICE), has become one of the companies that attracted increased attention of investors. The project has attracted $180 million from such investors as “Galaxy Digital,” “The Boston Consulting Group,” “Microsoft” and “Starbucks.”

Crypto exchange “Binance” replaces Ethereum with its own blockchain

One of the most extensive international online digital currency exchange services launches its blockchain to refuse from the services of the third-party platforms. BNB tokens were created with the use of smart contracts of Ethereum and stored in the parental blockchain, but now they migrate to “Binance Chain.”

The distributed registry will be used not only for the storage of Binance Coin but also in the work of the decentralized exchange, which will be launched on April 23. Blockchain will allow the customers of the Chinese exchange to create their tokens (BEP-2) and perform their listing on “Binance” without any hindrance by the administrators.

The current owners of BNB shouldn’t be worried about their funds if they are stored on the exchange accounts. In this case, migration will happen automatically on April 23 through replacing the old coins (ERC-20) with the new ones (BEP-2). Otherwise, the customers are encouraged to transfer their old tokens to their stock wallet within 90 days and get the new ones in return.

Crypto wallet “Banko” will organize a free distribution of USDT and TRON

Multi-currency crypto wallet “Banko” added Tether USDT and TRON to the list of supported currencies.

The staff of “Banko” tweeted that now the wallet allows the clients to make deposits and extract funds in such coins as Tether and TRON. It also the launch of reward system amounting to $20 million to attract the users.

All the owners of “Banko” wallets will be able to get free coins. To participate in the airdrop, it is enough to download the wallet app and wait until the beginning of distribution.

It is worth mentioning that Tether recently announced the currency transfer from the blockchain “OMNI” to the blockchain “TRON.”

FinCEN has first fined the trader for cryptocurrency exchange

Financial crime network (FinCEN) has first fined a bitcoin trader for breaking the Banking Secret Act (BSA) in the implementation of peer cryptocurrency exchange.

Thus, the resident of California Eric Powers was buying and selling the bitcoins for the customers. However, he was not registered as a money transfer operator or business owner in the field of financial services.

He allegedly had contact with the bitcoins of the darknet marketplace “Silk Road” and served his clients through the anonymous network of proxy servers “TOR,” without requesting the necessary personal data and information on the origin of funds. Accordingly, Powers didn’t submit any suspicious activity reports (SAR) or currency transaction reports (CTR) to the supervisory authorities.

As a result, FinCEN banned Powers from providing services related to the money transfer. He was also fined for $35 000. It is noteworthy that the accused has pleaded guilty.

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