Rating of Cryptocurrencies by Development Activity on GitHub

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Rating of Cryptocurrencies by Development Activity on GitHub

GitHub has convenient tools for open source projects. One programmer publishes his project, and the other can change, add and check it. It will not be possible to make changes to the main branch of the project, since the developers of cryptocurrency close this function — in this case, you can run your own code branch (fork). Blockchain developers use the service not only as a tool for easy collaborative development, but they also report through GitHub. As you know, the code in the field of IT — is the best documentation. Among the top currencies by market capitalization, each project has a different ranking according to Github activity.

The main point to check will be the number of commits, since the number of stars and the number of forks does not affect the activity of the main branch updates.
Bitcoin Gold
They have 18,532 commits. The coin remains a good stable option for mining on video cards, but developers are not keen to beat competitors: smart contracts in the RSK side chain are not running, the code for running Lightning Network appeared on GitHub last summer, but only for the test network.
Cardano has 16,787 commits. Cardano (ADA) is a decentralized platform that will allow complex programmable transfers of value in a secure and scalable fashion. They appeared on Github last summer also in June.
They have 11,952 commits. Ripple is a decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain project implementing the XRP Ledger in C++. They appeared on Github in June but actively started to post commits since August.
Tron has 10,732 commits. Currently, TRON is a decentralized platform for entertainment content based on the blockchain and using the TRX token. Tron started their activity on Github since May last year.
This rating of coins is formed on the base of official updates of cryptocurrency projects, but does not involve projects that use the platform as the basic platform for development. For example, the most popular platform in terms of Dapp development is Ethereum. If we add GitHub’s pages of all decentralized applications on Ethereum, then the Buterin project would take out the first place. Anyway, this kind of ratings is a good tool to evaluate the projects’ progress and make definite conclusions.
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