Trading Competition Using New Margin Bot of platform

Trading Competition Using New Margin Bot of platform

As previously mentioned, the trading platform has announced the launch of several trading bots to automate processes on the cryptocurrency exchange. In order to demonstrate the profits of using the newly developed technology, the platform launches the tool in real-time, allowing all participants to win all the trading bot’s earnings.

The platform provides everyone with the opportunity to get acquainted with the capabilities of the trading bot by taking part in the Trading Competition and visually tracking its work on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange via Investy interface. Investy provides access to one of its most advanced technologies that allows traders to increase their profits and reduce time costs.

The detailed information on competition

  • Butterfly trading bot ( is selected to demonstrate its capabilities.
  • The balance of the bot is $ 15,000
  • The bot will run for 2 week
  • Participants will have traceable & transparent statistics via personal account on the Investy platform in “My Bots” section available after registration

  • The statistics will be posted on Twitter on a daily basis
  • To participate, follow @Investy3 on Twitter and make a retweet of the competition post with tag #InvestyTradingBot
  • The entire profit of the trading bot will be distributed proportionally among all the participants on the 6th of December

The trading strategy will be the Butterfly strategy which is a complex step-by-step algorithm based on Bollinger Bands indicator and additional technical analysis methods. The main idea is to search for a low volatility market segment and trend reversion, which is accompanied by strong and specific formation on Bollinger Bands indicator. The strategy also uses Bill Williams’ Fractal, Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, ATR and CCI indicators to recognize trend reversion. When all conditions are positive, strategy opens a LONG/SHORT position following the expected trend reversion. Its features are the following:

  • Trading on the trend reversion;
  • Trading instrument: BTC/USDT;
  • The position is closed when the conditions set for Take Profit, Stop Loss, or timing are met.

The full list of trading bots and strategies is available here.

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