Trader’s Journal #9

The payment service “Square” recruits staff for the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem

American entrepreneur Jack Dorsey — a founder of Twitter and a head of the payment service “Square” — announced the recruitment of crypto engineers for creating solutions related to the ecosystem of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

According to the businessman, the new team will work on the project for “Square” service. Dorsey had not provided any details of this initiative. However, he said that the experts would develop open source solutions helping to “increase the users’ financial capacities.”

The company “Square” is looking for three or four crypto engineers and one designer. All positions assume full employment with the ability to work from anywhere in the world. The head of the company will become a direct supervisor of future specialists. Dorsey promises to pay for the work in bitcoins.

The fund “IOST” launched a partnership with ARPA to ensure the protection of its blockchains

Crypto fund “IOST,” which governs the blockchains network, announced a partnership with “ARPA” — the leading company in the field of privacy and cybersecurity. “ARPA” should protect the public blockchain of “IOST,” claims “Cryptoninjas.”

The company offers solutions for reliable data transmission, based on cryptographic and decentralized blockchain calculations. The partnership must build a sound basis for further expansion and ensure the working efficiency of IOSTnetwork.

The developers from “IOST” can simply get confidential access to the secure chain “ARPA” to run the decentralized applications. Due to confidentiality, the clients of “IOST” can create secure and effective business applications.

US Department of energy together with “Taekion” develops the blockchain-based security system of the power grid

U.S. energy department finances the project on the implementation of power plant safety system based on the blockchain technology.

The new security system is being developed by the National energy technology laboratory (which is administered by the US Department of energy) together with the company “Taekion,” specializing in cybersecurity. Their main goal is to eliminate the possibility of attacks on the energy supply chain cybercriminals.

Blockchain project that costs $1 000 000 must provide tools to enhance the security of power grid, based on distributed data storage technology. This will prevent remote hacks (like those that affected the Ukrainian power grid in 2016).

Tether accused of manipulating the crypto market. Again

This time, the attention of the crypto community was attracted to the issue of about $400 millions USDT. Providing the coin with Fiat reserves is in question again.

For a week, the team of “Tether” has dramatically increased an offer of “USDT,” which is why it was again accused of manipulating the crypto market. Coin growth was recorded by the company critic under the nickname “Bitfinexed.”

At the end of March of this year, analysts from “DataLight” fixed a record daily transaction amount in “USDT” and compared it with the indicator of the first cryptocurrency. According to the analysts of “DataLight,” record trading volumes of “Tether” indicate its direct competition with bitcoin.
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