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Invest into cryptocurrencies on different exchanges is quite risky. Especially when you read news about recurrent hacking of exchanges. Even more risky is usage of exchange account through side platforms.

That why we want to tell you about safe crypto trading.

First of all, as usual exchanges insure theirs assets and try to return funds in case of any access not to lose reputation.

Secondly, exchanges use API keys for all external connections.

Let us share how we protect your keys on our platform.

One of the function of Investy platform is the ability to manage your account from the well-known exchanges Poloniex and Binance from one window. You should enter API keys received from exchange to Investy app. Exchanges themselves give several types of keys: for monitoring, for trading and for funds withdrawing. For comfortable app usage you may enter trading keys only. This is one of your account security level.

Still questioning the security of using API keys in our application?

Then let's go through platform security system.

The keys are transferred to the platform using security protocol - TLS. This is a well-known protocol with a good reputation, you can read more about it here. - LINK

After accepting the keys, the platform encrypts and stores them separately, private and publicly available on different servers.

The decryption keys are stored in a third system, so even if someone hacks the storage, he will receive only useless data set.

Users info also stores in different closed system that's why it's impossible to match the data.

It occurs, that attackers will need to hack several systems at same moment to receive full set of information and to spend a lot of time to encrypt it, which is close to impossible. In case of attack we will take care of your data, re-encrypting it and sending all data flows to different servers.

We do care about your money security and keep working in this direction.
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