Increase your trading profit
by automated robots

Extended trading tools,
proper work of the service, trade via API on the largest exchanges.
For beginners

Earn by
copying professionals

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Improve your rates
of return

For experts

Extra money due to subscribers-beginners

Best perfomance

INVESTY.IO gives you opportunity to connect with the best automated strategies in the crypto market and receive income regardless of the market situation.

Create your own team of trading bots

AI powered

The artificial intelligence system optimizes all strategies to improve efficiency, increase profits, reduce trading risks. ML module goes through thousands of modifications of the strategy and chooses the best.
Investy benefits
0% fee
on trades

There’s no extra commission fee for trade operations. Trade without limits

Without difficulties and KYC

There’s no verification procedure. Put your exchange account and start using

All the statistic
in front of you

Monitor the results of trading on your accounts together or separately. Evaluate the effectiveness of each position and improve your results.

Trading tools

Set "Limit order" on purchase, "Stop loss" and "Take profit" at the same time!

Automate the

Such tool as “Trailing” allow you to get extra income without wasting of time

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Connected exchanges
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Simple and clear
Easy Trade

Use extended options of our platform for work on cryptocurrency exchanges! Increase your profitability from trading and minimize your risks with Investy trading tools. Set Limit order, Take profit, Stop Loss and Trailing at the same time!

Trailing. Activate a tool that will automatically set an additional Stop Loss when it reaches the price that was setted in Take Profit, and increase the profit on your positions.

In this section, you will see a chart that shows the percentage of your assets on stock exchange accounts and a list of assets with specific values. In the My Positions section, opened and closed positions are displayed. Here you will see a convenient chart with the ability to use a variety of indicators, as well as trading pairs and a list of cryptocurrencies available for trading.

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in positions at the same time
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Improve your results due to automatize tools. Trade on several exchanges from one website

We guarantee proper
and secure work of service
If you lost the funds due to technical reasons during trading, we will compensate in 100% of the volume
  • Max funds in deals 0.03BTC / 268$
  • Unlimited exchanges for trading
  • No extra trading fees
29$ / month
  • Max funds in deals 0.15BTC / 1337$
  • Unlimited exchanges for trading
  • No extra trading fees
49$ / month
  • Max funds in deals 0.65BTC / 5793$
  • Unlimited exchanges for trading
  • No extra trading fees
99$ / month
  • Max funds in deals Unlimited
  • Unlimited exchanges for trading
  • No extra trading fees


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